In the late 90’s with no work in the Philadelphia area, Mr. Brian Gaughan was lucky enough to get a job with Ford Motor Company in Louisville, Kentucky. It was not long after, Brian realized that he would not get the type of food he grew up on. No-one delivered anything after midnight and he missed the “Old Diner Style” restaurants, where you go out to the bars and then go to hang out with friends and meet new ones.

It took him a few years, but he had a vision. Not wanting to move back to Philadelphia, and creating a life for himself here in Kentucky, he decided to bring a little taste of Philly back to the Ville. “Baxter” opened in September 2004, five days after his 30th birthday and the Dining room opened in 2006.

Besides a small business loan to start his first restaurant eight years ago, he had expanded to the “East End” in 2010. Without incurring any additional debt, he then opened three more additional locations by 2012. While half the country is struggling to keep their doors open and bills paid, Mr. Gaughan has had continued growth and profitability through a recessive market.

Mr. Gaughan has an artistic vision which is apparent in his personal style as well as his restaurants. From the built in Philadelphia subway car and train station style dining room in the East End store, to the Comic Book covered wall and a vintage 1960’s Lincoln Continental that has been converted into a dining booth at the Baxter location. From Postcards, to stickers and don’t forget the various Spinelli’s T-shirts he has designed. He has always chased a late night crowd, but has shown that he can maintain profitability with a heavy lunch crowd Downtown. Even though each restaurant has its own unique style, with a staff of 95 employees, his product and service has remained consistent.

More than a late night staple, Spinelli’s is open from 11am to 5am and we are here to offer the city a place to eat with a true east coast feel. This is the place to hang out after the bar scene, after work or school. Spinelli’s is more than a Pizza Place, it’s a place to hang out, meet all sorts of different people, enjoy good food and listen to your choice of music on the jukebox available at all our locations.

In the past years, so many people have approached Brian with offers of wanting to Franchise. He then hired a Chief Financial Officer, created a General Management team, and put together a package that keeps him far enough away from the corporate scene, but close enough to expand. Instead of Franchising, Brian decided to sell territories. We are not your average group, but what you will find, is Brian’s Commitment of support in order for your business to succeed, which includes a training program, financial advice and choosing the best location and design.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Willow Rouben 270-403-2550